The projects below are a summary of the collaborations or individual projects in which I have participated as an engineer or entrepreneur. All of them share a same driver: the creation of a more sustainable environment through resource management and maximization.


Rainwater harvesting device

Device aimed at maximizing rainwater storage. Rainwater reuse is an alternative and complementary source enhancing water integral cycle and sustainable development. It is a choice for a sensible, efficient and sustainable use of water resources.<br/>



Compact operator for waste management

Design of a series of modules that independently process waste according to the way they have been designed. The aim of this project consisted in creating small-sized modules which can be easily assembled in a single equipment, highly scalable depending on the clients’ needs.




Buildings energy model in urban residential areas

Dynamic project designed to promote energy sustainability integration in large-scale installations in urban areas. The feasibility of the project, which tries to reduce energy consumption in such buildings, is shown through the performance of computations and the analysis of an installation model.





Sector vending machine

This concept is based on the design of a machine that processes vegetable oil recovery. It is an innovative product in the field of recovered oils management which adds value both to customers and biofuel entities and helps create a new business model.








Water is a scarce and expensive resource whose demand does not stop increasing. We must, in the short run, think about a more sustainable scenario based in water’s intelligent management,  and the way to do so is committing to new technological solutions such as the one presented herein.

The solutions currently available in the market for rainwater harvesting face a big problem: they need to use a lot of space which is left unused if it does not rain. The idea we are presenting here solves this problem, given that the water harvesting system is extensible and, accordingly, when it does not rain, no empty space remains unused.

This proposal is aimed to those who believe in the creation of sustainable and intelligent environments through the use of rainwater management. The audience we target is large and varied: from public administrations and big companies to irrigation cooperatives and individuals.

I am an engineer experienced in the renewables sector and sustainability. I think I have found a product meeting the current needs and demands in the climate change scenario by the use of water, a natural resource.

The model I present herein is protected and patented. It is an innovative product aimed at enhancing water’s use and management that certainly makes it a business success opportunity.

Would you be interested in this project, and think you can add value to it, please do not hesitate to contact me by email to info@nubatek.com.