Nubatek is an innovative solution for rainwater harvesting and utilization designed in a minimalist way while providing for great versatility integration possibilities.

Nubatek is a highly adaptable system, which can be monitored through a standardized control system for all product varieties.

Nubatek also provides with a communication system, an application for smartphones, filtering equipment and a disinfection system for stored water.

In a nutshell, Nubatek is a versatile, scalable and adaptable system that can be used by a wide range of clients but that, at the same time, can be specifically tailored to each client’s needs. Equally, it offers a common advantage to all of them: low space occupation.

view of the device for reuse of rainwater


example of using the nubatec device for reuse of rainwater in public parks

example of using the nubatec device for reuse of rainwater in back yard





Urban green spaces

It is key that water resources are secured through alternative and complementary sources enabling for the growth of cities in a sustainable manner. Nubatek is the solution to achieve urban self-sufficient green zones.

Certainly, Nubatek will contribute to cities’ sustainable development, pushing for hydric solutions that will foster intelligent cities progress. Nubatek will improve and ease citizens’ life at the time environmental risks are reduced and commitment with society is reinforced.

Sustainable archutecture

The installation of Nubatek in garden houses contributes to create sustainable and intelligent environments.

Nubatek indeed contributes to efficient and sustainable house environments and the reasons are straightforward: potable water is saved and less energy is consumed. Reusing rainwater is a great idea!

Efficient agriculture

Water scarcity makes it necessary to find solutions for a sustainable and efficient irrigation agriculture, and in order to boost the sector’s innovation.

In this regard, Nubatek is an innovative solution regarding rainwater’s storage, management and utilization for agricultural uses. Accordingly, it is perfectly feasible to achieve a sustainable irrigation agriculture.

Commited companies

Companies are engaged in aligning their business operations with sustainable and preventive actions that help improve the environment.

Nubatek delivers innovation solutions in business sectors and areas that help maximize the environment’s maintenance and restoration. Some examples include golf camps, solar photovoltaic panels, green spaces in business centers, and the agricultural and military sectors.